Kuumba Publishing Tutoring with Assefa Akinwole

Assefa is currently accepting requests for online, one-on-one tutoring services. 

"A Winner is a Dreamer Who Never Gives Up." Nelson Mandela

Assefa Akinwole, a Meyerhoff scholar, graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Assefa has worked as a lab assistant in John Hopkins' Department of Chemistry, UMBC's Department of Biology, and University of Maryland's Department of Pharmacy. He has a strong science background in chemistry, undergirded by a proficiency in mathematics. Thus, Assefa has successfully completed advanced mathematics courses at the collegiate level, including Calculus 3.

He is also a skilled writer of academic papers, creative fiction, and character creation. Assefa is currently penning his debut novel--a young adult fantasy.

Assefa has experience tutoring persons of various ages, across topics of chemistry, math, and writing.

Kuumba Tutoring Assefa Akinwole MISSION STATEMENT

Assefa can provide support for the topics below. If a topic isn't listed but fits into one of his content categories (math, science, writing), Assefa welcomes you to still complete the request form. He will respond to all message requests.

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Pricing for Tutoring Services

Flat Price: $20 Per 1-Hour Session

Bundle Deals

  • 3, 1-Hour Sessions a Week: $50
  • 3, 2-Hour Sessions a Week: $100
  • 4, 1-Hour Sessions a Month: $65
  • 4, 2-Hour Sessions a Month: $130


  1. You will save more when services are scheduled as a bundle.
  2. For those who require support beyond 4 times a month, a 10% reduction will be applied to the total price.
  3. Payments will be accepted via Venmo or CashApp.

Hours of Service (Eastern Standard Time)

Monday - Thursday

  • 9 am - 1 pm
  • 4 pm - 10 pm


  • 11 am - 7 pm


  • 1 pm - 6 pm


Tutoring sessions will be held via Google Meet, Facebook Video Chat, or Zoom (1 hour sessions only).

All tutoring sessions are one-on-one learning experiences.