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Fire, Fury, Faith 

Serwa knows the pain of loss, the burn of fire, the heat of love. She is a Healer Angel, bound to help, to heal, to protect. And the person she wants most to heal is Issa, her husband, her soul mate, her warrior. But what is a woman to do when a husband's guilt and fury challenge the very foundation of their marriage?


Heat, Hunt, Hope

Zora James knows the pain of loss, the lick of flames, the passion of purpose. But she's never known the heat of love. Yet when she meets Alastar, the sexy Ranger with a hero complex, Zora knows her life will never be the same.


Lies, Lust, Love

For a millennium, Anaita served God as a Hunter Angel. For nearly as long, she has loved Nathaniel, the one angel more devoted to angelic duty than archangels. But even angels have wants beyond endless service. Is it wrong for Anaita to desire a full life with Nathaniel--one not limited by the rules of Heaven? More, what is Anaita willing to risk to achieve her secret desires?

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